PG Readers Sorely Lacking in Christian Compassion

I think a few PG readers must have slept in on the Sundays when their pastors talked about visiting the imprisoned and other Jesus references to compassion for the less fortunate. 

Last week, the paper ran a feature on mothers who are in jail.  It was harsh and difficult to read, especially when a woman admitted that she loves heroin as much as she loves her child.  That's a difficult line to read.  No matter that its true. 

But these two particular readers took affront at the notion that these women deserve compassion and respect as mothers to their children. 

T. Pawlos of Crafton asks “What about the children and other family members? They are the ones hurting and embarrassed by these women's actions.”   T. continues, “I don't feel a bit sorry for them.”  And “They think of only themselves, now and forever, trust me.”

Well, that's a nice example of Christian compassion.  If a woman embarrasses her family, she deserves no compassion.  I'm surprised T. didn't use the phrase “loose morals.” 

Patricia Wilkeson of Robinson (are you surprised?) writes “I don't have any sympathy for any woman who says, “I love heroin as much as my child.” I'll never understand all the “do-gooders” who support these creatures of habit.”

Creatures of habit.  That's nice.  Patricia goes on “Why don't you honor those who work along with their husbands, sometimes at two jobs, to support their children and grandchildren?”

Shouldn't those working mothers stop being so selfish about their careers and stay home with their kids?  I wonder what human mistakes Patricia's own children made that result in her caring for her grandchildren? 

Then there's the line that is so very sad and reveals the bitterness in Patricia's heart.  “Alcoholics and drug addicts who have to do anything to support their habits belong where they'll end up — on the obituary page.”

I'm tempted to churn out a few sentences lambasting her as an example of how perverted American Christianity has become.  Or how successful the Republicans have been at turning the middle class against other vulnerable groups. 

But all I can think about if whether Patricia is having a nice Mother's Day.  Somehow I doubt it.


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