June 4 is Marriage Protection Sunday – Oh Joy!

Those wild and wacky Baptists are at it again, deeming Sunday June 4 “Marriage Protection Sunday” to rally the troops for the debate on the Federal Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment. From the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission:

“Supporters of traditional marriage need to bombard their senators’ offices with e-mails and phone calls,” ERLC President Richard Land told Baptist Press, “and preachers across America need to let the pulpit ring forth in clear and no uncertain terms on Marriage Protection Sunday, June 4, and help create a groundswell of support for this amendment. I can assure you the opponents of traditional marriage are doing their best to let their voices be heard in the corridors of the Senate. It is up to us to let our voices be heard loudly as well.”

I bring this up because June 4 begins the week when the Pennsylvania Legislature returns to Harrisburg and could potentially bring the Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment to the House floor for a vote.  Which means our homegrown PA right-wing nut jobs may ratchet up the anti-gay rhetoric in their so-called Christian pulpits on two fronts. 

Some of those churches might want to focus a little bit of their energy on actual marriages that need some protection.  Like State Representative Ken Ruffing and his wife Karen of my former hometown West Mifflin.  This elected official has had 17 domestic calls from the police over the past 12 months, several involving him breaking down doors.  KDKA caught the latest one on tape. 

This is the kind of married man whois going to decide if my relationship is valid??!!!????

h/t to Pam's House Blend



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