Will Congress Allow Christian Schools to Legally Reject LGBT students?

Holy smokes .. this one slipped under the radar.  An amendment to the Higher Education Act will allow private Christian colleges to be exempted from state and local non-discrimination laws when it comes to accreditation.  Its a cloak and dagger maneuver to essentially allow Christian schools to reject (or expel) homosexual students w/o fear of violating an accreditation standard.  According to 365gay.com, most accreditating bodies do not make compliance with nondiscrimination laws a requirement.

But it passed the House and is heading for the Senate. 

The pressure stems from the Soulforce Equality Ride which is visiting private Christian colleges around the country and, apparently, making some waves in among the wingers. 

Now I attended a private Catholic school, Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia.  I was not out at the time (took me another 10 years).  However, I regularly send in alumni updates (shameless self promotion) and always include references to my living status much like other alumni reference their spouses and children … Mary and her husband Billy live in Annapolis with their three children, Chase, Carter and Gideon.  And to my surprise, they publish it! 

Has there been fallout?  You bet.  My favorite undergraduate instructor has failed to respond to any of my email messages, holiday cards or letters.  He just stopped communicating with me.  He is an ardent Republican Catholic, but I never would have pegged him for a bigot.  I'm hopeful there is some other explanation, but the timing is suspicious. 

Back to educational discrimination, what about a 20 year old kid struggling with his identity?  Should he be expelled simply for being gay?  For talking about being gay?  Do these universities expel heterosexual students for having sex which is also a big Christian no-no?  Of course not!  

Ah … the sweet smell of Christian hypocrisy wafts over the land once again …



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