Take Heart: Rich White Liberals Can Drive Back the Wingers

From a blurb on the Post-Gazette website comes the nugget that the Upper St. Clair School District is reinstating the International Baccalaureate program in the face of a hailstorm of protest and a pending lawsuit. 

IB is an educational curriculum that proposes to give students an “international” perspective in the classroom.  Obviously, its a propaganda tool for the liberals and thank goodness the alert Christian wingers stomped out the evil influence while they could. 

Or not.

USC tried to dodge the discrimination bullet by claiming that they axed the program for funding purposes.  So then Uncle Eddie sensing an opportunity in election year stepped up and said that the state government would drop everything to fund this program for one of the wealthiest suburban districts in Western PA.  To hell with those urban kids and their pesky academic needs …

Plus, some school board idiot let it slip that it was about the threat to Judeao-Christian values anyway. 

The parents filed suit (did the school board forget that the ACLU legal guru lives in their district  — the guy who already whomped on the intelligent design folks in Dover?). 

So its all better now. Politics will have its course in the next round of elections.  The kids can continue to learn about life outside of their box.  And the rest of us can take heart knowing that occasionally, the good guys win.

I mean, seriously, did they just not know that he lived there? 


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