Is America headed toward 1870 and 1930 era Germany?

My partner and I went to see the play “I am my own Wife” last night. I know it didn't get a good review in the City Paper, but we both liked it. But, of course, this little post isn't about reviewing a play. According to the program that gave the history of the play, in the 1870's, the German government enacted so-called morality codes that outlawed anything different that wasn't “German” enough. Gays and lesbians of course were out and were made second class citizens. Although other European countries were moving toward tolerance, Germany was moving backward. There was a period of time from 1919-1933 where gay society flourished, but, alas, in 1933 that great moralist named Hitler made homosexuality illegal again and punishable by death in the concentration camps. Still, homosexuals survived. When the godless commies came into power after World War II, homosexuals were again criminalized as “anti-German.” Still, despite the repressive regime homosexuality survived.

I see parallels in the great US of A. Yesiree, homos, trannies, bi's and all the other deviants are labled anti-American by folks such as the American Family Association and Concerned Women for America. Now they want to ban our ability to get married, a basic human right. They say we're a threat to America. And while Europe and most civilized countries are moving forward on gay rights, guess who's moving backward (or at least stagnant?) I couldn't help thinking last night as I watched the play that America could be on a very dangerous course for those of the homo persuasion. And it's really scary. And people like Darryl Metcalfe posit their anit-gay, hate rhetoric in reasonable tones. Will the people in this state swallow his crap? Is the illegalization of homos really far behind? Or am I just being hysterical?? Still, as history clearly shows, despite Mr. Metcalfe and the other homo haters, we will still surive. And they say this is a lifestyle? A choice? Can someone explain to me why given hate, death, intolerance and recriminaiton why anyone would chose to be gay?

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Finally, the incident at my beloved alma mater, Penn State, shows, we have a long way to go. Rene Portland should have been fired. And PSU should be ashamed of itself for not doing so. Can anyone explain to me why Ms. Portland hates lesbians? This, to my knowledge, has never been fully explained.

Well, that's all for now folks.



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