Hurrah for Dana Elmendorf!

Local gay advocate Dana Elmendorf asks Pennsylvania to consider why Darryl Metcalfe and his band of merry men are rushing the marriage protection amendment to the House floor?  This was in the PG.

UPDATE  11:27 AM:  And this was in Friday's Tribune Review.  Good job Dana!


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  • Daryl is just playing to the brain dead bible thumpers in his district, all of which lack a robust and satisfying sex life. According to polls, which Daryl must not read, over 33% of republicans & over 80% of democrats are pretty darn tired of politicians ranting “The queers are coming” instead of doing SOMETHING about gasoline prices, prescription drug prices, etc.
    On a side note, if I could get past the sheer stupidity of Daryl Metcalf and his bible thumping Cranberry office worker with the southern belle hairdo, I wonder if he could pass my “love note” on to Karl Rove. I would really really like to see Karl dressed up in that black leather S&M harness thing — THAT would be hot! Oh Karl — spanky spanky oh my! With an outfit like that, Karl could even make Harriet envious!

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