Do local politicans read the Post-Gazette?

By my count, the Post-Gazette has published 11 letters to the editor on the topic of the anti-gay marriage amendment making its way through the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.  Prior to these letters, the PG featured two op-ed pieces on the same topic.  The pro-amendment position came from sponsor, Darryl Metcalfe.  The anti-amendment position came from the great Dan Frankel. 

Here's the interesting part …. out of the 11 people who took the time to write a letter to the editor, 10 of them are opposed to the amendment.  Their reasons vary, but all ten clearly do not see this issue at the top of the priority list for Pennsylvania's elected officials.  The lone supporter of the amendment is a representative of Concerned Women for America. <Click on the category Marriage on the left hand menu for links to all 11 letters>

There have been no letters in the Tribune Review. 

So my next question is whether Pennsylvania's legislators are reading the Post-Gazette.  The consensus has been that the pols are supporting this amendment to galvanize support among their conservative base.  A base that is usually quite vocal about anything homorelated.  A base that usually picks up a pen and lets the world know how they feel about gay marriage. 

But in this case, one of those persons picked up a pen.  I asked the PG letters editor to her face if the 10-1 ratio was reflective of the actual letters received and she answered in the affirmative. 

10-1 readers of the largest newspaper in Western Pennsylvania.  And no reader of the second largest. 

Are you paying attention Republican Caucus?  

Click here to read what PG letter writers said in today's edition.  Including the luminous Carol Untch.


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