Best Pgh Restaurant Ever

Thursday evening it was my turn to cook and I was feeling uninspired by the dismal pantry contents.  Well, actually I was at work and not remotely interested in preparing a meal.  So I proposed we dine out.  Luckily for us, the Post-Gazette's Munch had reviewed a great little South Side joint … Cambod-ican Kitchen

Not being bar crawlers, we had never experienced the 'burgh famous Chicken on a Stick.  But as part of our sacred pact to avoid Olive Garden, Red Lobster and any other restaurant found on both McKnight Road and Route 22 in Monroeville, we headed for the South Side. 

I had the best meal of 2006 yet.  No contest. 

The place is super-cute, the owners are incredibly nice and even the semi-drunken college kids were bearable.  and the food …ah, the food! 

I am not an “on the stick” kind of girl.  Splinters in my food has never been appealing and I hate getting my fingers greasy. <Yes, no wonder I'm a lesbian.>  But chicken in pita?  That's my kind of appetizer.  Except it was incredibly huge and we had also ordered special rolls in rice paper with the most wonderful vinegar dipping sauce … plus the entrees. 

Enough ranting.  It is a dee-lishous restaurant and you should get in your car right now and drive there.  Go often and spend lots of money so they will stay in business.   I am not kidding.  Go.  Now.


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  • “I am not an “on the stick” kind of girl.”
    hehehehehehehe – Now that's funny.
    I agree however, that place is the best.

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