Why Does Jane Orie Hate Gay People?

State Senator Jane Orie is putting her time and energy behind persecuting homosexuals (and the 250,000 unmarried heterosexual couples in Pennsylvania).   (412) 630-9466

Western PA Senate sponsors of  Joint Resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of theCommonwealth of Pennsylvania, providing for marriage.

State Senator Bob Regola – District 39  Greensburg      724-600-7002

State Senator Don White – District 41  Indiana  (717) 787-8724

State Senator John Pippy – District 37  Moon Township  412-262-2260


Yes, Pennsylvania.  These are the folks spending YOUR tax dollars to tackle critical issues threating the welfare of your family.  You'll be extra safe from us queers while you lose your jobs, lose your healthcare, lose your home to property taxes and lose any chance your children have for a healthy future.