Trib Readers Defends Homos

How did I miss this

Published on March 9, this letter to the editor from Lionel Deimel of Mt. Lebanon rightly condemns the intolerant words and actions of Nigerian Anglican Archbishop Peter Akinola.  Deimel opines:

Those applauding his principled stand in opposition to the consecration of gay bishops should recognize that Akinola's principles apparently also include intolerance, ignorance and hatred.

Archbishop Akinola's rhetoric may have more dire effects in Nigeria than mere repression, however. He recently warned rioting Muslims in Nigeria that “(our Muslim brothers) do not have the monopoly of violence in this nation” and that Christian Association of Nigeria, of which Akinola is president, “may no longer be able to contain our restive youths should this ugly trend continue.”

Whether this was meant as a statement of fact or an outright threat, it should alarm Muslims and Christians, dismaying all who seek justice and peace.

And Ron Pedersen Jr. of North Versailles takes a similar stance, drawing on the esteemed Bishop Desmond Tutu in response to the hateful letter written by a Mr. John Patterson of Monroeville.  Pederson writes:

Mr. Patterson, you have not earned or achieved heterosexuality. It is yours because of genetics. You face no persecution because of it.

Patterson admires Akinola's ample supply of “spiritual testosterone” and comments that “It's a fine thing to see biblically minded African Archbishop Akinola spit upon Hollywood's code of sexual freedom, which lots of American Episcopal clergy relish with all of their lustful hearts.”

In the face of such ridiculous ignorance, kudos to Mr.Deimel and Mr. Pederson for standing up to homophobic ignorant fools. 

You can count on your lesbian correspondents to let you know when mind shattering events, such as Trib readers defending homosexuals, take place in Pittsburgh.



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