Local Law Firm Specializes in Gay Services

Monday's Post-Gazette featured Buchanan Ingersoll PC's Nontraditional Couples and Families practice group which specializes in LGBT legal work. 

[Maureen] Cohon, the wife of Carnegie Mellon University President Jared Cohon, said her firm's nontraditional couples practice began quietly when a friend in a gay relationship asked her about guardianship for a child and drafting a will.

After eight months of talking to people in the gay and lesbian community to make sure there was a demand for such services, Buchanan Ingersoll launched the practice in 2002.

There were just four clients that first year. Two years later, there were about 40, “and it just goes up every year,” Mrs. Cohon said.

According to the article, the U.S. Census counted 594,391 same-sex couples nationwide in 2000, including 3,693 in the six-county Pittsburgh region. 

3, 693 in this region!  That's a lot of queer families and kudos to Buchanon Ingersoll for recognizing an important legal service area. 

Without the protection of marriage, it is critical that LGBT couples seek as much protection under law as possible.  It is also expensive and not perfect which is why the struggle for true equality under the law must continue. 



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