PA Rep Mike Diven: Homohater AND Illiterate?

Michael  Diven
				It seemed like such a simple request.  She wrote to The Honorable Mike Diven, Republican member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.  Her mission?  To ascertain how Diven would vote on the proposed anti-gay marriage amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution.

What Diven offered in response is a testament to why the Democrats should be able to recapture this seat. 


So we are not in agreement on which issue?  Gay marriage?  Amending the constitution?  Ignoring tax reform, health care and the economy to focus on this issue?   Which issue, Mike?

It is obvious he means gay marriage because he spends two whole pages outlining current law on gay marriage.  Illustrating that he did not read the original letter for content, but just KEY WORDS. 

Clearly, someone on his staff knows how to do a legislative search and has a partial understanding of the difference between state and federal matters.  What remains unclear is if that same person is able to read for content.

Hmmm … now that's a useful suggestion.  I'll write to Mike Doyle to ask how he plans to vote on amending the Pennsylvania constitution.

In the end, Mikey does not tell us how he intends to vote.  Is he being politically coy or just stupid?

Hmmmm …..


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