A Slippery Slope to Hate: Gay Bar Murderer Snared in Arkansas

I would be remiss not to comment on the gay bar rampage in Massachusetts.  Last night, the murderous Jacob Robida was captured in Arkansas after killing his female passenger and a cop. (365gay.com)

Robida targets gays armed with a hatchet and a gun.  People are asking why and scrambling to link his neo-Nazi fetish with his apparent homophobia. 

Wake up America.  Robida is a natural outgrowth of the hate-spewing homophobes filling your airwaves, newspapers and political parties.  The hate-laced rhetoric of Jimmy Dobson and Rick Santorum feeds the slippery slope down to Robida.  AND his myspace.com cronies that aided and abetted his descent from homo-assailant to cop killer. 

Do you honestly think that a full-frontal assault to shred the civil rights – the human rights – of an entire segment of society does NOT make us fair game to hatchet wielding monsters like Robida?    Think again.  This is what happens when our leaders are successful in bashing gays to win votes and gain power.  If gay bashing is acceptable in Harrisburg, why not in Donny's Place or Pegasus? 

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Pam's House Blend on this:

As you can see, no one seems to have a clue that the homobigotry that oozes out of the swamps of Freeperland and the mouths and pulpits of the AmTaliban has anything to do with this.

They must claim the Jacob Robidas of the world, because these disillusioned, poorly educated people out there see that leaders in the public eye demonize gays each and every day, working successfully in many places to legalize discrimination. What message does that send?

These are the fruits of Dobson and his bible beaters, as well as “friends” like Karl Rove who see gay-bashing tactics as nothing more than a political game for votes. Well it's no game when you're on the receiving end of hate and violence.



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