Why do these Western PA Democrats Hate Unmarried Heterosexuals?

Here's the list of Western PA State Representatives who have signed on as co-sponsors of the anti-gay marriage amendment.  Legislators who think that this is a valuable use of their time, time not spent on your economy or your property taxes or your health care.  Time not spent funding road repair, public transportation or workplace safety. 

I guess the only thing MORE important than queer-bashing is voting themselves a raise.  In the middle of the night. 

Your Legislators – Threatening 250,000 heterosexual families to persecute 20,000 gay families.

Don't know if one of these homo-haters is your rep?  Click here to find out.

Hon. Anthony M. DeLuca    District 23       Anthony M. DeLuca
				7205 Saltsburg Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15235
(412) 793-2448


Hon. Joseph F. Markosek    Joseph F. Markosek
				District 25Commerce Building, Suite 103
4232 Northern Pike
Monroeville, PA 15146
(412) 856-8284


Hon. Joseph A. Petrarca  District 55Joseph A. Petrarca
				239 Longfellow Street
Vandergrift, PA 15690
(724) 567-6982


Thomas A. Tangretti

Hon. Thomas A. Tangretti District 57105 Station Place
101 Ehalt Street
Greensburg, PA 15601
(724) 834-6400


Hon. Lawrence Roberts District 51 Lawrence  Roberts

31A Connellsville Street
Uniontown, PA 15401
(724) 439-2329



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  • I don't know about the rest of these reps, but Tangretti has nothing to lose, really. He won re-election with 60% of the vote. Even if he loses all the GLBT voters in his district, his support of this travesty of justice will win him votes from the radical religious right.
    I've got a call into Tangretti. I've met with him before when the Bermilen (sp?) amendments were on the table. We had a rather lengthy conversation and his support of the amendment surprises me and greatly upsets me.
    Love and Light,
    Rev. Shelly Strauss Rollison

  • I will. I called twice to his office in Greensburg to set up an appointment and the man who answered the phone sounded very…frustrated. Hopefully because he's getting a lot of flack for supporting this unAmerican legislation.
    He did not support the Birmelin amendments and the only thing I can figure is that the race last time, while he won by 60%, was still considered “tight”. I think maybe he's trying to appeal to the more conservative factions in Westmoreland County. The GLBT's in Westmoreland County aren't a very out or vocal group– I attempted to start a support group in this area and received virtually no response. I guess he figures it's better to lose a few GLBT votes than it is to risk the radical religious right voting him out of office.
    However, I know for a fact that there are a heck of a lot of us here…just no one willing to be out and vocal. Well, almost no one. I have no problem with it and in fact I called Channel 4 news last summer after the road supervisor took more than 3 days to get rid of a stop sign on my street that had the word “fags” spraypainted under it. They interviewed me and it ran on the six and eleven o'clock news. The sign was changed in less than 24 hours.
    Love and Light,

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