TV Station Receives Death Threats for Book of Daniel

Fresh off a scintillating 😉 discussion with John McIntire about the merits and woes of NBC's Book of Daniel, I find this at 

Terre Haute, Indiana) Police in Terre Haute are investigating death threats against the manager and program director at  KWBF-TV after the station decided to run the NBC series “The Book of Daniel”.

Executives at the station have been given security, and guards are posted at the studios. 

Terre Haute's NBC affiliate refused to air the show's premiere Friday after pressure from the American Family Association and area pastors. KWBF, a WB affiliate then agreed to run the series. (story)

Threats to the station began pouring in shortly after it made the announcement. They continued after the show aired and police were called in.

Station manager Gary Robbins defends the decision to run the series and says despite the threats there are no plans to cancel it.

“We've had hate mail, we've had hate phone calls… but there's no profanity in this show, there's no indecency, there's no nudity,” he said.

Death threats??? Over a television show that's about 10 degrees less contentious than Desperate Housewives and much less provocative than any crime drama on the air.  

This shouldn't be such a big deal.  But the television employees in Terre Haute shouldn't have to deal with this kind of crap.  This is what happens when you cave into censorship … you feed the beast which only continues to hunger for more.  These homo-haters would eat their young if it brought attention to their cause. 

Do your part to fight back  Hug a homo.  Or take a homo to lunch. 





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