Rhode Island Gays Hit With Federal Tax Penalties

Well, you knew it wouldn't be too long before the clash between state and federal acknowledgement (or lack thereof) of same sex partnerships would create turmoil. 

Rhode Island has just sent notices to domestic partners of state employees informing them that the health and insurance benefits they received are federally taxable income.  And the state “forgot” to collect those taxes for the past five years.  So now its time to pony up the money.

In a grand gesture, the state will not issue penalties on the overdue taxes and will allow payment plans.  They can also issue short term loans.  However, the loans might be considered further taxable income.

Here's what one Rhode Island resident had to say:

Rhode Island state employee Barbara Margolis and her partner said the issue is discrimination. 

“It's a hard thing for me because I'm very grateful to the state is finally coming around and treating our relationship as an equal relationship as a married couple. At the same time, the federal government is coming back and saying, 'No, no, no. You're strangers to each other,'” Margolis told WJAR.

You tell 'em Barbara.  This is one heck of a mistake.  LGBT activists think the state should pick up the tab, but the state believes that would be unfair to other taxpayers. 

How like the homo-hater run federal goverment to send in the IRS rather than acknowledge the disparity and do something constructive to address it. 

Perhaps now that heterosexual partners are included in the big tax oops people will begin to recognize that anti-gay marriage efforts have a significant toll far beyond the LGBT community.  This impacts heterosexuals, too.  And the financial impact on low and moderate working families is most likely disproportionately high. 

Too bad we aren't all Mary Cheneys with rich daddies who help us turn a blind eye to the realities facing working gay families in her daddy's hate-laden society.  Traitor.



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