PA Legislators Deem Gay Marriage Bigger Threat than Economy, Health Care or Terrorism

This ain't funny, folks.  The PA legislature, home of the midnight pay raise, has made protecting marriage from the homos a focus right now.  Never mind that our fair city of Pittsburgh is crumbling around us while our beloved mayor plugs holes with political hacks.  Never mind that GM is closing a plant and putting hundreds of people out of jobs.  Never mind that Medicare Part D is a nightmare and thousands of older adults are swimming in a sea of bureaucratic crap.  Never mind.  Just sling some homohate around and people will <snap> forget all about the real problems that threaten Pennsylvania families.

Tell you legislators that this is a waste of resources, will hurt Pennsylvania families and is unfair to children.   Go here to do something. 

“We need to do a lot of education,” Stacey Sobel, a lawyer and the executive director of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights in Philadelphia, told

“A significant number [of legislators] who signed on as co-sponsors may not know the consequences and impact it would have,” Sobel said. 



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