John McIntire and KDKA: Lesbian Correspondent Appearance Tonight

Must to the delight of all my fans (Hi Mom), I'll be joining John McIntire tonight for a tete-a-tete during the 11 PM hour on KDKA. We'll be discussing gay cowboys, Gene Shallit, the AFA and, of course, lesbians. 

Very exciting stuff.  For all you McIntire fans, he'll be guest hosting in the 9 -12 slot all week. 

Call in!

Go see Brokeback Mountain on Friday!



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  • So how did it go?
    I'm sorry I missed it, but we had to record Battlestar Galactica because I screwed up and set the VCR on SP instead of SLP or something like that.

  • It was all kind of big fun. We laughed, we smirked, we mocked … all the usual delights.
    Seriously, it was cool. Weeknight callers are way more fun than Saturday evening callers. They parried and thrusted instead of just asking for my number or offering to pray for my baby-killing, lady lovin' soul.
    John did manage to disconnect me on 3 separate occasions but his trusty producer smoothed that over.
    It was way past my bedtime but worth it.

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