Homo-Good News

The other night some of my homo-friends were griping that the only “news” on LGBT issues is bad news … discrimination, hatred, conversions, proof that Melissa Hart is gay, etc, etc, etc. 

So for all my “glass is half empty” readers …. here is some good news.  Note:  the good is one small nugget in a very sad story.  But its the best I can do without crowing once again about Brokeback Mountain.

The freeholders (fancy term for mighty whites with name plates) have reversed themselves and extended pension benefits to Stacie Andree, the partner of Lieutenant Laurel Hester.  Sadly, Laurel is dying of cancer.  She is a retired NJ detective who dedicated 24 years to her career.  But the freeholders originally said NO.  A hue and cry ensued resulting in not only the reversal for Laurel and Stacie, but statewide calls for reform to pension and death benefits throughout New Jersey.  Click here for The Big Gay Picture's history on this situation.

Hurrah for Laurel and Stacie to achive this win in the midst of a terrible loss.  And hurrah for all the homo-lovers in NJ who are working diligently to prevent this sort of injustice from ruining other lives.



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