Hens-Greco named Campaign Field Director for Berner

Sam Hens-Greco named Campaign Field Director for Democratic Congressional Candidate Georgia Berner.

I'm not aware of Ms. Berner's position on LGBT issues but I'm going to find out.  Her opponent in the primary, Jason Altmire, is prolife which of course opens the door to the concept of a right to privacy inherent in many LGBT protections.

Not to mention that a women's right to reproductive choices will already be under siege with the appointment of Justice Scalito. 

We are already putting our hope in one anti-choice candidate (Casey) so I'm not comfortable putting my weight behind another. 

I like Sam's style and I'm a big fan of Kathryn Hens-Greco.  She's a former social worker which gives me faith she will serve our community well. 


—– Original Message —–

Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2006 9:14 AM
Subject: One Final Thank You & News About A New CampaignPS:   SO WHAT'S NEXT?

Many of you have expressed your genuine concern about how I was going to adjust to Kathryn leaving our law practice. 

And many of you have expressed your encouragement that I should continue to be involved in political organizing. 

While many have just said “that was fun, but what's next ?”

Well, if you are ready, I'm ready. 

Here we go.

I am very glad to announce that I will be working as the Campaign Field Director for Democratic Congressional Candidate Georgia Berner.     

Georgia Berner is a Lawrence County business women running for Congress in the 4th Congressional District, the seat currently held by Melissa Hart.  (The district includes all of Beaver and Lawrence County, the northern and some of the eastern tier of Allegheny County and a little bit of Butler, Mercer and Westmoreland County.)

I met Georgia and her husband Jim on the campaign trail this fall and I like them.   I like Georgia's politics and I like her as a person.  Georgia has the wisdom of a woman that has experienced deeply challenging times and understands the human emotions and frailties. Georgia is deeply concerned about the plight of our nation, this region and its people and wants to change the direction and the tone of the discussion.  (www.georgiaberner.com)

     Georgia's life story is also quite impressive. 

About twenty years ago, Georgia's life changed overnight and she was forced to face life with a new reality.  In April 1984, Georgia's husband died in a plane crash. At that time, Georgia's four children ranged in ages from 9 and 16. 

Along with the tremendous responsibility of raising her family, Georgia also had the obligation to determine the future of their manufacturing business in New Castle.  Despite no formal business background, Georgia decided to go to work at Berner International.

Since that time, Georgia has lead Berner International through a period of tremendous growth. The workforce expanded from 17 to 62, the revenues increased and they built a new building.  But what has been truly remarkable was that this growth was done while also maintaining and expanding the benefits to the Berner employees.  Georgia has been widely recognized for her innovative leadership in balancing both the management and labor interests at Berner. 
My role will be to help manage the campaign as the Campaign Field Director and Senior Advisor.  Georgia is committed to devoting a significant portion of her time and energy to ensuring that her campaign is a grassroots campaign and I am ready to help.
       So, guess what? 

       I would like to know if you would like to help (That's a big a surprise !! ) 
       There are many a chore and duty that are calling.

You might want to attend a coffee to meet Georgia or you might want to just jump right in and host one yourself.

We have lots of letters to be stuffed and calls to be made. 

Or maybe you want to take a breather for now but you just can't wait to be a
Poll Worker on May 16th?

Feeling real frisky and want to contribute? The campaign's website has an online feature. www.georgiaberner.com

Seriously, I would be overwhelmed with appreciation if you would consider supporting and helping with Georgia's campaign. My goal is to bring the same (well almost the same) energy, focus and dedication to this campaign as I did to Kathryn's campaign. 

Please let me know if you are interested.

Thanks again



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