From Dallas Voice – Mary Cheney and 2006

Read an amusing take from General Gayety columnist Leslie Robinson.

Here's my favorite

Mary Cheney: “I resolve to hold my partner’s hand in front of cameras. Even if I have to pretend I’m just helping her up.”

Mary Cheney is not a good person.  I believe that Mary Cheney exploited the LGBT community for her own personal benefit but turns her back on us when it really counts.

She ran a gay outreach program for Coors which was happy to take our money but is owned by an avowed anti-gay Republican.   Then she ran a piece of her father's campaign.  She appeared at the Republican Convention without her
partner, but brought her out for the Vice Presidential debates to serve as a prop for the Bush-Cheney campaign. 

Mary Cheney is the daughter of the second most powerful man in the world.  She will never be denied access to her partner's hospital bedside b/c they aren't legally married.  She will never have to worry about domestic partner benefits.  No one would be able to take Dick Cheney's grandchild away from her.  In short, her wealth and privilege as well as her powerful father protect her from any negative fallout from her identify as a lesbian. 

No matter what George Bush, Rick Santorum and James Dobson do to the gays in this county, Mary Cheney will never have to worry.  They trot her out like some dog and pony show to prove that they don't hate us, they just hate our lifestyles. 

She got herself a fancy outreach job b/c she was gay and used that fact to get us to spend our money (to pay her salary) but she has not done a single thing to help our community.  She has stood by silently while her father's administration continues to persecute the gay community. 

In one way, I feel sorry for her.  Dick Cheney runs an administration that makes gays second class citizens.  If your sister was a married heterosexual with children, what would that say to you? 

Mary Cheney has her cake and eats it too.   It is unfortunate that her self-interest is in direct opposition to just about every other LGBT American.



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