Correspondent Screw Up

Last night I accidentally deleted one of my entries.  An entry I thought was witty and insightful.  Something that might entertain the random people who visit this site.  As I watched my words vanish forever from this earth, a curtain of despair enclosed me.  I turned off the PC and went downstairs to sulk in front of the television set. 

I'm sure it was inevitable.  People make mistakes.  Lately I've handled some big screw ups with aplomb far beyond my known capacity.  My partner and my therapist have commented upon it.  So perhaps the universe rights itself by knocking me to my knees with a small, swift kick. 

By the time I pulled my oatmeal out of the microwave this morning, I was over it.  So much for introspection. 



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  • You've still got many joyous experiences to go:

    • i=1 to x
      ..Deciding to quit blogging
      ..Starting up blogging again
      next x
    • revamping the web site, which results in the loss of all posts
    • feeling weird about the website, whic causees PLC 2.0, 3.0, etc.
    • getting slashdotted
    • noticing all the hits to your blog from people looking for pictures of nude “teen lesbians” (this has happened on MY site!
    • saying something really, really stupid
    • saying something really, really intelligent that you wish you hadn't
    • the “pity post”

    Glad to hear you got over it quickly.

  • The pity post? As in self-indulgent, wearing my ratty bathrobe, dropping chocolate cookie crumbs in the keyboard, listening to the Indigo Girls repeatedly kind of pity?
    I'm sure I've already crossed the saying something stupid threshold.
    What's a slashdot?
    I have so much to learn!

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