> Jerry Falwell.
 > Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council.
 > James Dobson from Focus on the Family.
 > Rick Santorum.
 > All coming to Philadelphia on Jan 8 to rally on “Justice Sunday” to pack the Supreme Court with right wing extremist judges.
 > This event will be telecast live across the country.
 > Happy New Year, everybody.
 > “Justice” is the right to health care and effective HIV prevention, reproductive freedom, and freedom from homophobia and bigotry –not fundamentalist extremism from the extreme right wing.
 > Join ACT UP Philadelphia, people of faith, people of conscience, women's health groups and other friends in Philadelphia on Sunday January 8, 2006 to protest  “Justice Sunday III”– a national rally for religious extremist groups who are fighting for a judiciary that is as reactionary as they are.
 > Join us outside the Greater Exodus Baptist Church, at
 > 714 North Broad Street, Philadelphia at 6:30 pm for a spirited rally and protest

“Justice Sunday III” comes just one day before the Senate Judiciary Committee opens hearings for Supreme Court Justice Nominee Samuel Alito.
 > “Justice Sunday III” will include notorious fixtures of the
 > radical right, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council,
 > Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, and Jerry
 > Falwell along with Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.
 > These right wing religious groups exert extraordinarily powerful influence over White House policies on HIV prevention, global AIDS, science, sex education and public health.
 > For more information please call ACT UP Philadelphia at (215) 386-1981 or Jose DeMarco at (215) 756-4756.
 > ———————————-
 > P.S. You could also write some good letters to the editors of your local newspapers telling them that you want fair judges & don't agree with the viewpoints of the radical right.


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  • It's late. I'd try to come up with something compassionate to say about the Rev. Lonnie Latham, but I'm exhausted. So I said nothing.
    I keep wondering what it must be like for this man, to be gay and trapped into condemning homosexuality by dogma when his heart tells him otherwise.

  • I feel compassion for anyone struggling to reconcile thier identity with their beliefs. But he is not trapped. He makes a choice to embrace homophobic doctrine. Which only leads him into poor choices that reinforce the negative stereotypes of homosexuals.
    How many of Pittsburgh's good Christian upstanding men are cruising Schenley Park and Liberty Avenue on Saturday night and then heading off to church Sunday morning?

  • The need to belong, to be loved and accepted is very strong in humans. Jesus is the truth, but to avoid losing belonging, love, and acceptance, some lie to themselves and others in His name. I'm not saying it's right; it's horribly wrong. But it's very much a trap.

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