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24 Year Old Trans Woman of Color Keymori Johnson Murdered in Georgia

Three days after the murder of Deshawnda Sanchez in Los Angeles, a Georgia woman became the 13th trans woman of color known to be murdered in 2014. *I know this number is disputed so please feel free to leave a comment or email me with corrections. Keymori  Shatoya Johnson was 24 years old living in
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Win Tickets to Two Off The Wall Theater Holiday Productions

Off The Wall Theater has taken the holidays by storm with two distinct productions running simultaneously. And you can win passes right here. The theme of female empowerment rules in both productions. The play OR, tells the story of Aphra Behn:  poet, spy, and one of the world’s first professional female playwrights.  Set in Restoration
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Strep Throat. Seriously? Let the Whining Begin.

I couldn’t speak again today so I went to MedExpress this afternoon. I wrote down all of my symptoms and meds and so forth on my tablet. Thank God for that. So now I have strep throat and a sinus infection. The good news is that I don’t appear to have bronchitis or pneumonia, but
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Merry Christmas: My Dog Beat Cancer

Today, Xander wagged his tail for the first time since surgery. A full butt-wiggling wagging, not just a tepid little twitch. He’s not permitted to bound into the yard until his stitches are removed, but he’s got some bounding energy in that tail wag. I took a call from an unfamiliar number without thinking about
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The Sick

Somewhere along the trail of recent days, I’ve picked up a coldish/virusish ickness. I’ll spare you the gory details, but I’ve been convalescing for several days (along with Xander) culminating in losing my voice today. No jokes! Speaking of jokes, every time someone asks me if I’m sick or how I’m doing, I make a
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Enter For a Chance To Win an Annie Prize Pack

I loved the 1982 film version of Annie – I was 11 years old and watched it dozens of times when it hit cable. It was so romantic to a preteen in the way that singing orphans in a Depression Era setting can only be. I was enchanted by the old-timeyness of it, the songs,
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Canine Convalescence Day One In Which All the Other Pets Make Me Crazy

  Xander came through his surgery like a champ. We picked him up around 7 PM. Well, technically the vet staff half-carried him to the car where he drunkenly sank into the back seat and sighed with what I hope was contentment when I petted him. The vet told me that everything went smoothly. They
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Update On My Pgh Holiday Things To Do

In early November, I published a list of holiday things that I’d like to do this year. My plans were unexpectedly derailed when I learned that my 13 year-old dog has cancer. In fact, just today he had surgery to remove the growth and will spend the next two weeks recuperating. So my holiday things-to-do
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