Crash deserved the Oscar

Last night, we went to see Crash at The Manor in Squirrel Hill.  This is one of your lesbian correspondents stating that Crash deserved the Oscar for Best Picture over Brokeback Mountain.  I loved Brokeback and believe it to be one of the best movies in my 35 years of movie watching.   But Crash resonates through America and was one of the best movies in my 35 years of movie watching.

People are creating a false racism vs homophobia dichotomy.  Both rip apart the heart of this nation of equality and justice for all.  Rather than pitting them against one another, we should take a closer look at their crossover messages. 

I walked out of Crash deeply shaken and contemplating how I identified with the white characters in the movie.  And how I as a lesbian identified with the minority characters.  And I don't have any answers this morning. 

Crash deserved the Oscar.