Brokeback Mountain Rocks Pittsburgh

L.A. Johnson sums up local reaction to the Pittsburgh opening of Brokeback Mountain

Variety reports that from Friday through Sunday, the Pittsburgh theaters in which the film opened grossed more than $20,000, a high figure for even a Hollywood blockbuster.

That confirms my unofficial report from Dustin, the Loews' waiter who took care of our table Saturday evening. 

The article goes on to quote many local viewers, most of whom appear to be deeply moved by this movie experience. I've been asking everyone I know when they plan to see it and lecturing them sternly if they hesitate.  Not sure how that is working out.

One viewer had the perfect response to the homo-hater naysayers. 

“Ultimately, this is a piece of art, and if you don't want to see it, don't go see it,” says Ariel's dad, Michael Horowitz, 50, of Squirrel Hill.

“It was very good. People walk away with a message that says love is love, whether it's heterosexual or homosexual.”

Go see this movie!