We really enjoy talking with all sorts of people about their experiences. We interview artists and musicians, local folks with expertise on current events, and many more folks.

If you’d like us to interview your client, guest speaker, or you – reach out to us via email pghlesbian at gmail dot com

A few things to note

  1. We prefer to do email interviews. Sue’s disability makes transcription of phone interviews a challenge. We can figure out workarounds once in awhile if Ledcat is available to conduct the interview and do the transcribing. But if you can arrange for an email interview, that’s much much better.
  2. We will not submit content for review before publication.
  3. We strive to ask questions that are a little off-beat. We rarely ask about your inspiration or the origin of your career because we know that’s been well-covered by other sources. We are definitely going to ask you about Pittsburgh.
  4. If you want to arrange for a ticket giveaway or something along those lines, we are very open to doing that.
  5. We appreciate the chance to attend your event/activity/show and will provide follow-up live coverage via Twitter, Facebook, and so forth.
  6. We know lots of bloggers. If you’d like to arrive for a gaggle of bloggers to attend your dress rehearsal, preview event or so forth, we can work together to make that happen. We value opportunities to include all sorts of blogging voices in new opportunities.
  7. We interview lots of people, both LGBTQ and cisgender heterosexual folks.

Read some of our interviews here:

Musician Stephin Merritt – May 2018

Actor Shamika Cotton – September 2018

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Pianist Howard Breitbart – Oct 2018

Quick Q&A with Courtney Barnett – October 2018

Singer Songwriter Jill Sobule – June 2018

Playwright Carla Ching – May 2018

Actor Tom Lenk – May 2015

Performance Artist Moon Baby – October 2017

Activist Maryann Sunhands – August 2017

Singer Emily Saliers – April 2017

Composer Ricky Ian Gordon – February 2016

Comedian Gloria Bigelow – June 2015

Musician Joe Stevens – April 2014

Musician Melissa Ferrick – September 2014

Activist Ian Awesome – March 2013

The entire Q&A archive can be found here. 


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