How The Lesbians Celebrated Valentine’s Day

lesbian valentine

First, we decided no gifts. Of course, Laura bought me cookies and I sent her a singing Teleglam from Renaissance City Choirs. So much for no presents. We decided to head to Sesame Inn in the North Hills. We walked in to this: Turns out, this was the takeout line. I amused myself with selfies […]

Gold Star Lesbian

Gold Star Lesbian

So this made me laugh. I recently earned my “Gold Star” status from Starbucks thanks to copious amount of dark roast and chai lattes for Ledcat. Now I get free refills! You might be familiar with the term “Gold Star” lesbian which usually refers to a lesbian who has not had sexual intercourse with a […]

I Wanna Go To Starbucks for Adult Conversation

lesbian cat

The Prompt: What do you wish you had more time to do each day? Oh, this is easy – I would  like more time to talk with Ledcat. Our morning conversations are usually a series of short grunts, mumbles, reminders as she gets ready to leave for work and I try to get ready to do […]

And The Birthday Bonanza Begins …

There are some occasional good things about being a commercialized society and one of them is that tons of places want your birthday business. You know the drill – sign up for their membership whatever group and you get coupons and other advertising year round, with the bonus of a nice birthday freebie. Some are […]