LGBTQ Family Law in PA “Total Chaos” Plus Advice from Dear Abby

From the Post-Gazette An audience member asked whether it was true that same-sex couples could file a joint return in a state like Massachusetts but couldn’t do so in Pennsylvania. The panel uniformly answered yes. “It’s total chaos,” said Tiffany Palmer of Jerner & Palmer. Whether to get married and where involves an individual analysis for each […]

Do PA Mayors Performing Marriage Have Ethical Responsibilities Regarding the Legal Status of LGBTQ Couples?

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As I read about Braddock Mayor John Fetterman performing a wedding ceremony for two gay men from Regent Square, I had mixed reactions. On the one hand, it is an act of civil disobedience designed to create a more equal society and I support that step. But on the other hand, it puts an LGBTQ […]

PA LGBTQ Couples Can Marry Out-of-State; Cannot Divorce

One significant barrier for me with regard to seeking an out-of-state marriage is the simple fact that I would not have access to divorce as long as I remain a Pennsylvania resident. Married in New York? DC? Canada? Living in PA? No divorce possible. That’s outrageous. And its unlikely to change anytime soon. “Divorce is […]