UPDATE: Is the City of Pittsburgh Still Blocking This Lesbian Blog?

First of all – thank you. We reached over 500 signatures in 36 hours on our Change.org petition. As for an update, we have achieved some pretty good outcomes but not “success” just yet. Via the petition, OpenDNS did change the labels on this blog, removing “porn” and “nudity” as well as approving “blog” – […]

See, here’s what the mayor’s office should say

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See, here’s what the mayor’s office should say: “You know what? We don’t like Sue Kerr because she’s mean to us, and we don’t like her website and we don’t think it’s useful, and we don’t want our employees reading her website while they’re supposed to be working. So,nyahh.” – Trish Mifflin, 2013.

Jimmy Kimmel on the “City Gaydar System” of Washington, PA

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Well, Luke Ravenstahl was on Letterman. I guess Matt Staniszewski has followed in his footsteps by being the object of a Jimmy Kimmel bit. Sort of? I’ve received links to this video from a zillion friends. Props to Kimmel for the good pronounciation.

Update: City of Pittsburgh Blocks Lesbian Blog (Again)

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As you may remember, the City of Pittsburgh began blocking this blog in October 2012 for no apparent reason – the closest I had to an official explanation was “its just crappy web filters, Sue” from a former City employee. That’s called “scoffing” and its not a very constructive response.

The Lesbian Blog That Shut Down the City of Pittsburgh

Reports have surfaced that the City of Pittsburgh was forced to block this website as a desperate measure to keep the City functioning.  “We had no choice,” sighs City Computer Guy,Ken. “We have a computer usage policy – somewhere ’round here – hey yinz seen that folded up tablet paper with the doodle of Sophie […]

Pittsburgh Mayor Signs “Mayors for Marriage Equality” Pledge of Support

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has evolved in his understanding of the LGBT community and has now embraced marriage equality. He affirmed this by signing the Mayors for the Freedom to Marry pledge. Mr. Ravenstahl said he made up his mind after speaking with gay friends and staff, as well as members of his LGBT task […]