‘Take your blog and get the hell out of our town’ – Some Folx from Worthington, Armstrong County Are Not Happy With Me

Dame Judi Dench

Content Note: racism, bigotry, rape culture Please click the links for the backstory. In mid-February, I posted about racist fear-mongering billboard content on an electronic billboard in Worthington Borough, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. Along with describing the billboards, I shared 11 suggestions for getting involved to resist this messaging. A few days later, the billboard’s lessee […]

Sexual Assault and Rape Culture Are LGBTQ Issues

Trigger Warnings – sexual assault, rape, victim-blaming Coauthored with Ian Awesome. Originally posted on HuffPo Gay Voices. The conviction of two young men for raping an unconscious young woman challenges us to rethink our assumptions about youth, the legal system and sexual assault. We are both survivors of sexual assault. In the light of media responses to […]

The Week in LGBTQA – March 17, 2013

St. Patrick’s Day edition. First, let me wish my younger brother Jim a happy birthday. He’s 41 – 17 months younger than me. In my head he’s still 8. LOL.  One of most significant stories this past week involved a conversation about how we prevent rape. Gun proponents argue that women need guns to shoot […]