Thank You For Nine Nominations In The Readers Choice Awards

We are honored to be nominated for nine awards across eight categories for the 2016 Keystone Alliance Gaylife Newsletter Reader’s Choice Awards.  Thank you to everyone who nominated us in these categories. We regularly contribute to the newsletter and appreciate their good work in the Southwest Central PA region. This is the semi-final ballot. To vote, […]

A Reel Take: Boys (Jongens)

Boys the Film

  Dutch director Mischa Kamp’s 2014 feature film, Boys (Jongens) is a quiet reflection on two teenage boys first loves. The film was originally created for television and this doesn’t show at all, it’s far from the content that i remember seeing as a young teenager watching after school specials. In many ways the “made-­for-­TV” feeling of the […]

A Reel Take On the Movie ‘Boys’

Boys the Film

Boys is a sweet movie about teenaged boys who run a lot and kiss sometimes, and that’s alright, although I’m not familiar with the legal aspect of things. It’s the sort of movie that’s shot in a way that makes you think “teenaged boys kissing is alright in my book!” and then you think, “I […]

Six Pgh LGBTQ Accounts You Should Follow on Twitter

I make it my business to pay attention to how local LGBTQ groups are using social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. It is valuable information – 80% of LGBTQ folks are using social media, but fewer than 50% of us are “out online” according to a 2013 Pew Research study. That makes it especially challenging […]

Queer Video Vault DVDs now available to rent from Big Idea Bookstore

QUEER VIDEOS. FOR RENT. Sixty-one queer videos are now available for free rental at the Big Idea, your friendly neighborhood radical bookstore and cafe, located at 4812 Liberty Ave in Bloomfield. But what’s in the queer collection, you ask? Well, just visit Queer Video Vault’s website for the full list of DVDs: You do have to be […]