More Information and Questions on the Murder of Pauly Likens

According to documents obtained by media outlets, the man who chose to murder Pauly claimed he had met someone on Grindr, using the app to meet up with an individual described to match the girl per KDKA – TV and they had ‘sexual contact.’   ‘Sexual contact’ between a 29 year old man and a 14 year […]

14 trans youth have died violently since 2022 in the US

The brutal murder of 14 year old Pauly Likens in Western Pennsylvania is far from an isolated incident.. Looking through my archive of memorial posts, I found 14 listings of youth and young adults 21 and under. That’s a span of 18 months, averaging nearly one trans youth brutally murdered each month. They represent more […]

Pauly Likens Was a 14 Year Old Trans Girl When She Was Brutally Murdered in Sharon, PA

Pauly Likens

Pauly Likens was a 14 year old trans girl, born and raised in Sharon, Pennsylvania. She went missing on June 22, 2024. Pauly was killed on June 23, 2024. Her parents reported her missing on June 25, 2024. Her death by murder was announced on July3, 2024. The Crime From The Sharon Herald Likens was […]