Community Q&A: Chris, 16, Talks About His Identity, His Family, and Enduring Harassment in His Pittsburgh Neighborhood

Chris Eagleton

I I know it is hard, it is hard to live in a society that does not fit you, but there are people like you. It’s hard every day knowing that your identity is up for debate. It is not fair. But the only way to change this is to prove them wrong. They want […]

Do You Know Your Neighbors’ Names? A Crowdfund in Memory of Henry Dougherty

Recently, my neighbor died unexpectedly. We were out of town at the time of his death and only learned about it nearly a week later during conversation with another neighbor. I was horrified. He was a genuinely nice guy who always said hello and waved. He would run across the street to help with packages […]

The Man Who Shovels Snow

Shovel Neighbor's Walk

Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her. I’m going to exclude my partner Laura from this question since I write about her all of the time. That would make the first person I encountered to be my neighbor’s great-nephew. My neighbor, Ms. M, is in her 80’s and lives […]