Shain Describes Being a Gay Kid in the Nancy Reagan Fear Generation #AMPLIFY UPDATED

Gay Mercer County

“He was just thin, lived in NYC, and was gay so in the early 90’s, and being a kid of the Nancy Reagan fear generation, I assumed he had full blow AIDS and that someday I would, too.” Name:  Shain Kish Age: 32 County of Residence:  Mercer County, also lived in Allegheny. Now lives in New […]

Review: Other Desert Cities at Pgh Public Theater

This wasn’t my favorite play of the season, but I believe that Polly Wyeth – mother, Republican, wife – may be among my favorite characters of the season. Other Desert Cities is a riff on a sign along desert highways – the Wyeth elders, Polly and husband Lyman are living the retirement dream in Palm […]