#NaBloPoMoPgh Writing Prompt Day Six #NaBloPoMo2019

These prompts are for anyone interested in or connected to Pittsburgh Some of you grew up here, some relocated as adults. If the prompt isn’t a perfect fit, feel free to adapt to your circumstances – insert your own towns, tweak it a bit, write about something else entirely. Pittsburgh has deep ties to labor […]

Exploring The Art and Craft of Lesbian Blogging

NaBloPoMo Lesbian

Today, November 1, marks the launch of the *real* NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month. This group-blog idea was founded in 2006 as a little sibling to National Novel Writing Month. Now managed by BlogHer, NaBloPoMo has a simple aim – post something every day. They offer blogging prompts, a blogroll and the opportunity to […]

NaBloPoMo: Inspiration

NaBloPoMo: Inspiration

This video crawled into my Facebook feed today and it felt like a good fit with NaBloPoMo. Arthur’s energy came not just from the yoga he practiced, but from the people who believed in him.

NaBlogPoMo: Energy Consumption

So today’s “prompt” Wednesday, January 2, 2013 Which daily tasks take up the most of your energy? This is an interesting question. My instant reaction was to list the tasks that I dislike, but procrastination is the real energy suck in those cases – when I just go ahead and do them, tis fine. On […]


Quite a few of my blogging friends are participating in National Blog Posting Month – NaBloPoMowhile others are focusing on gratitude on a regular basis in honor of Thanksgiving. It has made for some reflective moments this week to simply read about gratitude. I tend to stop and consider how this issue or that experience […]