Confessions of a Rick Santorum Intern

Rick Santorum internship

Yes, I was an intern in then-Congressman Rick Santorum’s DC offices for six months during 1991. Me. Most of you know this. Some of you don’t. This internship and the photo it generated are perhaps one of the most enduring legacies of this blog. 27 years after the fact, it is still a salient and […]

My 1991 Internship with Rick Santorum is Still Relevant?

Rick Santorum Photo

I’d like to get at least a junior political commentator position. Or just an occasional slot on The Confluence and/or The Lynn Cullen Show? 🙂

I Want To Thank Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum internship

I’ve been waiting for this day with great anticipation. Rick Santorum’s entrance into the 2016 GOP Presidential Race comes just in time to commemorate the 25th anniversary of my internship. So not only do I get to trot out this photo (again) BUT I also can totally justify listing that internship from 1991 on my […]

Will Dan Savage Bring His Best Santorum to the US Capitol Steps?

Rick Santorum internship

I’m fairly certain I’m one of a handful of 44 year old people who still list their college internship on their resume. My six-month stint with then-Congressman Rick Santorum in 1991 has proved to be one of the most unintentionally fruitful items on my list of professional accomplishments. Thanks to Santorum’s decision to run for […]

Do You Think Frank Underwood Would Pose Like This With Me?

Rick Santorum internship

I would totally drive to DC to recreate this photo. Emphasis on totally which really means Ledcat would drive. I can’t decide if it would be more fun to take another photo with Rick Santorum or pose with Kevin Spacey. What do you think? BTW, 2016 November will make the 25th anniversary of this intern […]

My Debute on Bilerico … Sue and Rick Santorum: Yep, I’m the Lesbian Who Got Away

Rick Santorum internship

Today my first contribution to The Bilerico Project has been published. Thanks, Rick. And thanks to Bil and team for welcoming me on board.