Latina Transwoman Killed in Memphis, Suspect Arrested, Help Needed With Funeral Expenses

Alejandra Leos

Friday night, another trans sister of color was murdered, this time in Memphis. 41 year old Alejandra Leos was born in Monclova Vieja, Coahuila De Zaragoza, Mexico, but lived with her family in Memphis. She had family support and job security. She was respected, loved and valued by those who knew her. Alejandra used the […]

Why Does Coffee-Mate Think We All Have an Inner Latino?

Apparently, Coffee-Mate (and parent company Nestle) haven’t been paying attention to any discussion around cultural appropriate and stereotyping. I opened my email today to find a coupon for two flavored creamers, Dulce de Leche and Mexican Chocolate. The tagline, however, took me aback. “Indulge your inner Latino through Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond” It is […]