Happy Birthday Ledcat

Happy Birthday Ledcat

Today marks the birthday of the best person in the world – Laura Ellen Dunhoff aka Ledcat. We are off having adventures and enjoying the gift of being together so no blogging today.  

Happy Birthday to My Little Brother at Age 42

A quick birthday wish to my little brother who is both far taller than me and not so young any longer. I haven’t seen him in awhile, but I’m sure he’s still pretty tall. This is one of the few photos I have from our childhood. The little stain is on the photo, not him […]

Happy 50th Birthday Ledcat!

We can’t believe she’s 50 either! This blog would not exist without her support, help, encouragement and patience during the past 7.5 years – and her occasional actual blog posts. This is a sample of photos she’s graciously posed for to use as blog content. 🙂