Doug Shields Statement on Pridefest

Doug Shields Pridefest

In the spirit of accountability, I have reached out to members of the Delta Foundation’s Community Advisory Board for their reactions to the controversies surrounding Pridefest. I already shared the response of State Representative Dan Frankel. This is the response of former City Councilman Doug Shields who is currently part of the staff of City […]

Has the City of Pittsburgh Lost The Domestic Partner Registry?

What a ridiculous question. How can you lose a registry? So a few days ago, we were informed that we have less than 5 weeks to comply with an “employee dependent verification” audit conducted by a third party contracted through the City (City Council and the Mayor approved of this, unanimously.) These audits are used […]

LGBTQ&A: Doug Shields, Ally and Advocate

When I “met” Doug Shields, it was via the telephone – I answered call from unfamiliar number and heard “Susan, this is Douglas. I understand you want to march!”  I was driving home from work so I had to pull over (near the Civic Arena) and scribble notes on a crumpled receipt. His 2008 response […]