He’s at it again …

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is on the presidential campaign trail in Iowa and his appeal to the heartland is laced with bigotry and intolerance, as well as a healthy dose of hypocrisy. On Weds, Dec 7, he was in Spencer, Iowa.

He wants to maintain family structures among immigrants by deporting all of the family members, even the American citizens. To keep them together.

With regard to LGBTQ families, he suggests that regardless of technology and/or natural conception and birth of children, the fact that they don’t have a mother and father negates anything else.

Addicting Info writes:

He told a crowd in Spencer, Iowa: “I’ve had people who actually worked for me who were gays. And… if they did their job like anybody else, and we were able to work together, we did work together…. If they can do their job, they should.” This is his way of showing that he’s not a bigot, basically saying, “I’ll even hire a homo, as long as they don’t go prancing around like a drag queen or butching it up too obvious-like.” So obviously, not a bigot. (Besides, try getting something done in Washington without a gaggle of gays on your staff). If that guy from A-List Dallas was willing to be seen in public with Ann Coulter, I suspect Santorum could find a willing gay collaborator or two.

Well, I suppose they don’t know that Santorum’s PR go-to-guy (Director of Communications) was openly gay, African-American Robert Traynham (I used to call him “spokesfag” but I’m being more respectful now … oh.) Traynham bragged about being permitted around Santorum’s kids. I wonder if he got to hold the … I won’t go there.

Anyway, Robert Traynham is a gay man who helped destabilize America by lending his time, talent and energy to support a man willing to throw him under the bus to get elected. How do you remain supportive of someone whose hateful venom has only increased over the years?

What I don’t see in any of the speeches or new coverage is an explanation of HOW an LGBTQ family destabilizes another family? From what I’ve observed in 15 or so years of being a social worker is that heterosexual families, corporate America and poverty do a pretty damn good job of destabilizing themselves without any help from us.

So how? How? How?

Where is Robert Traynham these days?