The Legacy of Cathy Cairns

Cathy Cairns

One year ago today, Cathy Cairns departed this life with her best friend at her side and the comfort of knowing her final wishes had been filled. Among those wishes was a desire to be buried with her parents – a wish you helped to fulfill with thousands of dollars in donations. As we wound […]

Ten Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014

2014 In Review

  These are the posts that drew the most viewers in 2014. It is an interesting mix of LGBTQ specific information and human services/poverty stories. Most of the stories are local, but not all. I think this reflects some of the balance I strive for on the blog. 10. Toys for Tots Distribution Information  – this […]

Who Was the Cathy of Cathy’s Closet?

Cathy Cairns

Many of you knew Cathy Cairns. She was a long-time activist and social worker who tackled all sorts of challenges. She worked to bring affordable housing to the Hill District and Larimer. She brought support for women who experience domestic violence to the Beaver County District Attorny’s Office. She brought job training and social services […]

Goal Achieved: Cathy Cairns Final Wishes Are Met Thanks to You

Cathy Cairns

This is mixed emotion type of blog post. I want to thank you for your donations to help pay for the final expenses of local social worker and advocate Cathy Cairns. Friday evening, one of the organizers posted this: Everyone,  Including the many checks we have received in Cathy’s name, you have raised $8725. This […]

When Helpers Need Help: Reflection on Life As An Activist

Cathy Cairns

Cathy is 61 years old. Her professional career has spanned nearly four decades in a rural community just outside of Pittsburgh. As she faces her final days with a diagnosis of end stage pancreatic cancer, she finds herself without the financial means to pay for her final expenses – a funeral, gravesite and a headstone. […]

FURTHER UPDATED: Beaver County LGBTQ Activist Has a Dying Wish

Cathy Cairns

UPDATE: Please note that the goal was increased due to the realization that a burial plot was not paid off as they originally thought. Many of you know Cathy Cairns. She has been a familiar face at many LGBTQ community events as well as an active participant in housing development projects. I am very sad […]