It Was Just a Fender Bender

The Prompt: Tell us about a bullet you’re glad you dodged — when something awful almost happened, but didn’t. It wasn’t my first car accident, but it was one of the first where I was a passenger. Laura and I were toodling along McKnight Road preparing to go to the grocery store. The vehicle in […]

Oh The Pain ….

Ten months, two concussions and not a single mark or bruise on my brain. I’m in better shape – headwise – than most retired football players my age, right?  On Friday the 13, Ledcat and I were rear-ended. It wasn’t horrific and no trips to the ER were needed. But fast forward two weeks filled […]

UPMC/Highmark – It’s a Catty New World

Friday night, our car was rear ended while we running some errands. No one was seriously hurt – it was just an accident. The car in front of us made a sudden right hand turn into a car dealership. We were able to stop, but the woman behind us was not. Most important, her son […]