GI Sue: Part Seven in a Chronic Health Crisis

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When we left my little saga in the spring, I was waiting to see a rheumatologist, That was April. It took until late September to do so. Is it me or does it seem like appointments with specialists are even harder to secure now than before the pandemic? My dermatologist is booking nearly 18 months […]

When Elder Dogs Stumble

My guys are 13 years, 2 months old this week. That’s a good long life for their breed mixes. Over the past two years, they have slowed down considerably. They stopped playing as much in the yard and began meandering or simply sitting to sniff the wind. They both had trouble navigating the steps to […]

My Old Dog Fell Down the Steps But He Got Up

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The Prompt:  Share a time when you narrowly avoided disaster. So I’ve shared the story of the great tire blowout on the PA Turnpike which qualifies for this prompt. I’m going to instead tell you a pet story that ties in with a previous entry about dog’s lapping water (oh, the noise!) Two of our dogs, […]