De, 49, Is Concerned About LGBTQ Youth in Rural Western PA #AMPLIFY

Lesbian Beaver County

Name: De Age: 49 County of Residence: Beaver Preferred Pronouns: Her/She How do you describe your identity? Black lesbian woman Please describe your coming out experience. Where did you find support? What challenges did you face? I came our late in life age 35, i had a few gay male friends that supported me. Since I didn’t have any lesbian friends […]

Walter Wants Western PA To Be More Vibrant, Tolerant and Diverse #AMPLIFY

Name: Walter Meyer Age: 52 County of Residence: I was born and raised in Allegheny County and spent time in Centre County while I was at Penn State, and then a year in Somerset County. Since then it has been Los Angeles and San Diego Counties in California. Preferred Pronouns: he, his, him How do you describe your identity? I […]