Seeking Photos of Protestors at Pgh Pride

Pittsburgh Pride

During the Sunday Pride festivities in Pittsburgh, a local woman recorded an incident involving a confrontation between anti-LGBTQ protestors and members of our community. The incident resulted in a young woman allegedly from our community being detained by the police with allegations of misconduct by the officer involved. (I use allegedly because she has not […]

Arizona Gov Brewer Vetoes Anti-Gay Segregation Law

How To Know If You Are Anti-Gay

God Hates Fags

Noah Michelson has a piece up over at Huffington Post with a simple checklist to determine if one is anti-gay. So, to clear up any confusion, here’s an easy test to see if you’re anti-gay:  If you have a gay friend (or sister or coworker or…) but still think that queer people should not be […]

Infographic: The Anti-Gay World via BuzzFeed

via BuzzFeed