Erie is the 7th Queerest City in the US According to The Advocate

Queerest Cities

Satire Warning. This is not, I repeat this is not a statistically accurate analysis of queer friendliness. It is, however, an interesting glimpse at some non-traditional locations in the nation. You may have noticed in previous years that some local LGBTQ groups in Pittsburgh were ecstatic about our ranking among the “LGBT Friendliest Cities” in […]

Pittsburgh Municipal Equality Index Score Increases for 2014

Municipal Equality Index

The 2014 HRC Municipal Equality Index has been released. Pittsburgh residents have gained significant benefit from the 2014 court decision legalizing same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania, but has only made slight actual gains in terms of municipal initiated efforts to address equality. Pittsburgh’s most noticeable ongoing weakness is evident in the “gender identity” indicators. The scoring […]

If I Grew Up In Allentown. With a Fast Car.

Today’s blogging prompt asked me to explain the socioeconomic class structure in the neighborhood where I grew up. That would be West Mifflin, PA. I have six attempts in my drafts folder. All devolved from thoughtful class analysis of a working class suburb into various rants. Clearly, I have some unresolved issues with my hometown. […]