Rules and Guidelines

  1. Unless otherwise specified, participants must be 18 and live in the continental United States. Some giveaways may require ID to be presented (such as a “will call” pickup of tickets.)
  2. Giveaways are “as is” and substitutions are not typically available. Sizes, color choices and so forth are determined by the sponsor and may not be negotiable. Please ask ahead of time.
  3. Winners may be required to provide their full name, email address and mailing address (no PO Box) which may be shared with the giveaway sponsor.
  4. Winners must register with Disqus to leave a comment. Your Disqus account should connect to some means to contact you (email, Facebook, Twitter.) If your FB account does not accept messages from people who are not friends, that’s not going to work. You will typically have 48 hours to acknowledge that you have won.
  5. Contributors to Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents and their immediate family are not eligible to enter or win.
  6. Additional rules are below.