We Successfully Raised $2600 for TNR Supplies to Help the Homeless Cat Management Team Cat Lady Lending Library

Thanks to our friends at ioby and a whole lotta great cat lovers, we met our goal today several days ahead of schedule. We set out to raise $2500 and ended up raising $2600 which will help cover fees and such.

The funds will be used to purchase TNR equipment for volunteers to use, equipment that will ‘live’ in the homes of Northside cat ladies and friends for ease of access from this part of town. We’ll follow the current rules for lending equipment and of course it won’t be limited to Northside only.

I am ecstatic to have completed this project. Once HCMT receives the funds, we’ll figure out how best to buy and store the equipment (with labels and IDs, etc) and I will track it. Like a cat lady lending library.

Thank you to everyone who donated and helped us access a 100% match. I was quite worried that our goal was too ambitious, but you proved me wrong. All extra funds will go into the HCMT general fund.

It is not even mid-month and I’ve had two big wins. 2019 is roaring out. I hope that bodes well for 2020 and for the kitties living out in the cold.

Feral Cat Pittsburgh
Tennessee Tuxedo (L) and Mx Pajamas (R) are ready for breakfast
Feral Cat Pittsburgh
Tennessee Tuxedo stops by every few days
Feral Cat Pittsburgh
Mx Pajamas patiently waiting for breakfast


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