Letter to the Editor Regarding Jennifer Graham from Ledcat

I have been a long time subscriber to the Post Gazette. Every few months I dutifully send my hard earned money to a paper I presume will not fall into the same trap of mindless hatred as some of the other fine papers in this region. After reading Ms. Graham’s article, I realized that I was wrong. Now I have to debate what to do with my subscription as a member of the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender community.
Being a transgender person is not a lifestyle choice. The choice is whether or not to accept who you are. If you suggest that a transgender person should headline a carnival “freak show,” you are a bigot and should be called out for it. The reason that Caitlyn Jenner is making Republicans antsy is that they are the party that has favored discriminatory treatment for transgender people. They should feel uncomfortable. Male from the waist down? Bearded lady with no clothes? “Don’t call them freaks parade?” Really? this is what passes for informed, educated debate about transgender issues? I don’t know where Ms. Graham came from, or why she would pen such a horrid, offensive “opinion piece,” but I am exercising my first amendment right and calling her out on the fact that she is a bigot.
via Ledcat
(Rest assured she used her legal name in the letter)


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